How To Tell If You’re A Helicopter Parent

  • By: Maya
  • Date: April 3, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Parenting can be a challenging and rewarding endeavour. For some, it can be a joyous experience while others may find it more difficult. Parenting styles can vary greatly, but one parenting style that has become increasingly common over the past few decades is helicopter parenting. What is helicopter parenting? Simply put, it is when parents take on an excessively active role in their children’s lives. Helicopter parenting is often a result of a lack of time and money for the parents, or as a response to other negative influences in the child s life. Let’s dive into the signs to look out for:

Signs that you might be a helicopter parent

Helicopter parenting is a term that has been used to describe parents who take on an excessive amount of responsibility for their children’s well-being. There are several signs that you might be a helicopter parent, so it’s important to understand what these indications mean and how to manage them.

The first sign that you might be a helicopter parent is when you feel like you need to protect your child at all costs. You may become overprotective of your child, which can lead to them feeling overwhelmed and unsupported. It’s important to remember that kids need time to learn how to cope with stress, and being too protective can actually make things worse.

Another sign that you might be a helicopter parent is when you micromanage everything your child does. You may feel like you need to oversee every detail of their life in order to make sure they’re safe and successful. This can lead to your child feeling like they can’t do anything right.

“You need to be on top of everything so that no matter what happens, you’re prepared”

How to stop being a helicopter parent

Helicopter parents are constantly hovering and monitoring their children, which can prevent the kids from developing independence and take away their sense of control. Here are 3 tips to help you tell if you’re a helicopter parent: 

1. Be genuine in your concern for your child’s well-being. Don’t just do things because you think it’s what’s best for them or because you feel like you have to hover over them all the time. Really care about what they’re up to and be willing to admit when you’re wrong. 

2. Allow your child some freedom and responsibility. Give them room to grow, but also be there to guide and support them when they stumble or make a mistake. 

3. Let go of the need to control everything around your child. Trust that they will learn and develop independently, not in a smothering manner.

In conclusion, if you answer yes to any of the questions posed in this article, there is a good chance you are a helicopter parent. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be involved in your child’s life and wanting to ensure they have a successful future, it is important to find the right balance. Try to give your child some space and allow them to make their own mistakes. Let them learn from their own experiences, and they will be better for it.

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