My Top 10 Parenting Fails

  • By: Maya
  • Date: April 5, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

As a parent, you are constantly trying to do the right thing. However, there are always going to be times when you make mistakes. In this article, I am going to list my top parenting fails and how I learned from them.

Number 1:

Not enforcing rules consistently.

Parenting is a difficult job. It requires time, effort, and patience. However, there are some things that parents should do consistently in order to raise their children well. One of these things is enforcing rules. If parents enforce the rules consistently, their children will learn how to behave and stay safe. However, if parents don’t enforce the rules, their children may be able to get away with behaving badly. This can lead to problems down the road such as cheating in school or getting into trouble with the law. It is important for parents to enforce the rules no matter what because it can help create a healthy and safe home for their children.

Number 2:

Allowing kids to watch too much TV.

Too much television can be harmful to children. Studies have shown that watching too much TV can lead to obesity, lower grades, and more problems in social life. But what are the best ways to reduce the amount of television our kids watch? Here are a few tips:

1. Set strict limits on how much television your children can watch each day. This will help you enforce good TV habits and also give them a sense of accomplishment when they stick to the rules.

2. Encourage your children to get involved in other activities outside of the TV screen. Playing games together, going for walks, or doing crafts can keep them active and engaged without needing constant stimulation from screens.

3. Talk with your children about why they are watching certain programs or movies. Help them understand that some programs may have educational value or teach valuable life skills.

Number 3:

Not enough family dinners.

Parents are always on the go, and it seems like dinner time is one of the rare times that they can all gather around the table. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Often, parents find themselves too busy to cook dinner or have their children help with meal preparations. This leaves family dinners feeling neglected and eventually leads to a lack of communication and family unity. Some believe that spending more time together at the dinner table will help strengthen familial bonds. Others feel that simply requiring parents to cook dinner will be enough in order to foster a strong relationship between them and their children. What do you think? Is there something else that could be done in order to improve family dinners?

Number 4:

Not enough outdoor time.

Not enough outdoor time is a common parenting failure. It can be hard to get the kids outside for a nature walk when it’s raining, too hot, or too cold. But there are ways to make it work. Here are 8 tips: 

1. Plan ahead: Make a schedule and stick to it. This will help you get out and enjoy the weather, without feeling rushed or resentful. 

2. Use parks and trails: Parks and trails offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor play, with plenty of space to run around and explore. Plus, they’re often close by so you can easily get your family together for some fun in nature. 

3. Bring snacks and drinks: If you’re going to be out for a while, make sure the kids have snacks and drinks so they don’t get cranky (or steal your food).

Number 5:

Too much sugar.

Too much sugar can have harmful consequences for children’s health, including weight gain and tooth decay. In fact, a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics found that kids who consume excessive amounts of added sugar are more likely to be obese or have chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes when they grow up. Too much sugar also has a negative effect on children’s cognitive development.

While limiting sugary foods and drinks is one way to help your child avoid these problems, it’s also important to provide them with healthy alternatives. For example, you can make your own fruit smoothies or try substituting unsweetened yogurt for ice cream.

Number 6:

Not enough one on one time with each child.

Parents in the United States are spending an average of only 26 minutes a day with their children, which is well below the recommended amount of one hour per day. This lack of time has led to a number of parenting fails, including increased rates of obesity, emotional problems, and addiction in children. The solution to this problem is not difficult- parents need to spend more one on one time with their children.

Number 7:

Too much screen time.

Too much screen time is linked to poorer mental health, obesity and even addiction in children. A study from the University of Cambridge found that children who spent more than two hours a day on screens are more likely to have poorer mental health than those who spent less time glued to screens. The study also found that obese kids are 54% more likely to be heavy internet users, while addicted kids are 68% more likely to be heavy internet users. In fact, one in five children aged 11-15 years is addicted to screens, with boys being twice as likely as girls to be addicted. With all this evidence pointing towards the dangers of excessive screen time, why do parents continue to give their kids access to electronic devices all day long?

In conclusion, parenting is hard. And sometimes, we just don’t get it right. But that’s okay. We’re all learning as we go. So, if you’re feeling down about your parenting skills, remember that you’re not alone. And don’t forget to laugh at yourself every once in a while. After all, that’s what parenting is all about.

Parenting can be hard and sometimes we make mistakes, but that’s okay because we are all learning as we go.

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