Why Recess is Important for Kids

  • By: Maya
  • Date: April 14, 2022
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Recess is a time for children to have some down time in order to relax, play, and have fun. Recess helps build discipline and character, as well as providing an opportunity for socialization and collaboration. It is important for children to get the full benefit of recess and not be limited to just playing in the classroom. recess should be a part of the daily schedule. Why Recess is Important for Kids

Benefits of recess:

The benefits of recess for kids are undeniable. Recess is a key part of early childhood development, and it helps children build their motor skills, creativity, and socialization skills. In addition, recess has been shown to help reduce aggression and stress in students.

One of the most important benefits of recess is that it encourages physical activity. Kids who play regularly have a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, and other health problems down the road. And research shows that kids who get enough exercise also have better grades in school.

So why not let your child take full advantage of recess every day? It’s sure to give them all the benefits listed above and more!

Improved academic performance

Recess is important for kids because it allows them to de-stress and have fun. It also helps improve their academic performance. Kids who are able to relax during recess are more likely to be successful in school. In addition, they tend to be less tense and have better concentration when they are studying after recess.

Increased physical activity

Children who get regular physical activity during recess have a lower risk of developing obesity and other health problems in middle and high school, according to a new study. The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that children who spent 30 minutes or more per day playing outside were 34% less likely to be obese than their peers who didn’t participate in recess. The researchers also found that these kids had better mental health outcomes, including increased self-esteem and better overall relationships with friends. “There is an emerging body of research that shows the importance of physical activity for public health,” said study author Dr. Gina McCarthy from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “Recess is one time when children can expend a lot of energy without having to worry about classes or homework.

Decreased aggression

Many schools have eliminated recess in favor of hour-long classes, which has led to an increase in aggression in children. According to experts, recess is important for children because it helps them learn how to control their anger and aggression. Recess also helps improve coordination and problem solving skills. When children are not allowed to play outside, they tend to become more aggressive and violent towards each other inside the school setting. By restoring recess and having kids play together in groups, schools can help prevent these problems from happening in the first place.

In conclusion, recess is an important part of a child’s development. It allows children to have fun and get exercise, which are both necessary for healthy growth. In addition, recess provides an opportunity for children to socialize and learn important skills like teamwork and conflict resolution. For these reasons, it is important for schools to provide plenty of opportunities for recess.

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